Our Activities

With our experienced team and profound engineering experience; we are providing consultancy, project design and design application services to our clients on any kind of business items, which are within the scope of environmental engineering. We have also been relieving you from the burden of financing by providing services on the basis of the build-operate or build-operate-transfer model in all projects falling within our areas of activity.   

We are offering all-inclusive engineering services from site surveys to mapping, preparation of geological surveys, feasibilities, preliminary and application projects and construction and operation stages.

Our fields of activity are;

Potable Water
o Urban Scale Potable Water Treatment Plants
o Surface Water Treatment Plants
o Process Water Treatment Plants

o MBR, MBBR, SBR, Waste Water Treatment Systems
o Grey Water Treatment Systems
o Wastewater Reclamation Plants

Solid Waste
o Solid Waste Transfer Stations
o Open (Wild) Dumping Site Rehabilitations
o Composting Plants
o Sanitary Landfills

Renewable Energy
o Biogas Plants
o Photovoltaic  Applications
o Treatment Systems running with Wind Energy
o Biocell Storage Systems