About Us

Established in 1990, Norm Environmental Technologies is an environmental engineering company providing consultancy, design, implementation and investment services on potable water, wastewater, and solid waste.

With our experience of almost a quarter century, we are providing technologically and economically sustainable solutions from design to facility operation by properly analyzing the needs of our clients from every sector.

We love our job and take it very seriously. While providing our clients solutions, we also contribute to the protection of the environment which is the most enjoyable part of it. The confidence that our services established in our clients’ minds has provided us with the opportunity to engage in long-term cooperations with several international contractors and develop projects together.

We are closely following the innovations that technology contributed to engineering solutions and we adapt them in our engineering solutions. We regard ourselves as experts in the 3D plant design. A wastewater treatment plant of a power plant in Europe is a fine example of project development, which we accomplished with our German solution partners with the help of the latest technological product of 3D CAD software.

Since the very first day of our establishment, we have attached great importance to research & development studies and co-operations with universities. Having conducted several World Bank projects in co-operation with Istanbul Technical University, we have raised the standards in Turkey’s environment protection projects thanks to the assistance we have received from the EU Project funds for 15 years and to our co-operation with our international project partners.

We have successfully developed and implemented a lot of water, waste water and solid waste projects for municipalities and public institutions. We have taken part in Turkey’s first public desalination project (producing potable water from sea water). We have designed typical civic amenity center (CAC) projects, which could be easily implemented and operated by municipalities and submitted them to the Ministry of Environment. We established the first of these plants in 1994 for Bakırköy Municipality. We have prepared Environment Master Plans for Northern Cyprus and Çorlu province in co-operation with Istanbul Technical University.

Thanks to our engineering knowledge, which we have constantly developed by adopting new technologies, we have, together with our partners, succeeded in attaining the high engineering and labor safety standards- the essential requirements of the energy sector- in the sea water treatment and waste water recycling facilities of Turkey’s two leading companies, namely EnerjiSA and Tüpraş.

The projects, which we have developed in countries such as Sudan, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Azerbaijan, have enabled us to become a multinational company. And among them is a particular treatment plant project resolving the potable water need of three provinces in Sudan, which, beyond the occupational success, make us proud in terms of its human dimension.

We provide project design services to European, and particularly, German companies. We are producing products such as pressurized tanks and walkways in Turkey and export them to Germany.

Since 2013, we have completed our work for “turnkey” environmental projects for public and private sector, which will be funded by our firm and developed on the basis of the build-operate or build-operate-transfer model. 

With our experience, financial strength, the importance we attach to our job, our environment responsibility and dedication to ethical values, we are one of the leading companies of our sector. In the forthcoming years, we are aiming to be in the leader position with our new investments.