Alka Endüstri - Waste Minimization & Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant

The first project of Norm Çevre


CEVKO (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery Foundation) Packaging Wastes Sorting Plant Project

The first leading project for Turkey 's solid waste management system


Istanbul, Bakırköy Municipality Sorting Plant 

Turkey's first packing waste material recycling plant


Appropriate Wastewater Treatment Technology and Wastewater Management Project in Sensitive Zones funded by World Bank

The first project in Turkey which specifies ''sensetive zones''


Bodrum Solid Waste Management Project

Integrated Solid Waste Management Project  funded by European Community


Yenipazar / Aydın Municipality Wastewater Treatment Plant

The first wastewater treatment plant of Norm Çevre for public sector


HQ-ISAF Khabil Afghanistan Wastewater Treatment Plant

The first wastewater treatment plant abroad Turkey


Balıkesir Organized Industrial Zone

Industrial wastewater treatment plant


Kilis Municipality Wastewater Recycling Plant

The first wastewater recycling plant of Norm Cevre


Avşa Island Desalination Project 

The first desalination plant in Turkey


Gelibolu Union of Municipalities' Solid Waste Storage Area Leachate Treatment Plant