Project Financing

Treatment, recycling and renewable energy plants are quite costly investments both for public institutions and private sector companies. Moreover, considering that the operational cost of these plants during their useful life are much higher than the initial investment cost; it is becoming more and more important for the said plants to be operated by experienced and expertized teams in the most economical and feasible way possible.

We, as Norm Environmental Technologies, by undertaking the role of an investor in environmental protection projects, have developed the “zero initial investment cost plant” model together with our multinational solution partners. 

Within the scope of this model, we design the projects of the plant and undertake its “turnkey” construction by our own financial means,  thus relieving our clients from the initial investment cost. We undertake the operation of the plant either on the basis of the build-operate or build-operate-transfer model

This business model provides many advantages to our clients:

  •  Initial “zero” investment financing,
  •  100% performance responsibility guarantee,
  •  Cost saving as a result of the clients’ exclusion from the works outside its field of expertise,
  •  The operation of the environmental facilities –which requires experience and knowledge- with the highest efficiency and in accordance with the legal legislations by an expertized company; thus letting the clients to have a problem-free facility.